Protect the integrity of your tooth by choosing a crown to support a weakened structure. Crowns are often recommended by dental professionals after a tooth has been severely damaged due to decay, a root canal, or trauma. The crown is custom-fit over the structure of the tooth, giving you long-term results from this dental restoration.

Emergency Services

When an emergency happens, it is important that you have access to immediate treatment from an experienced dental team. We are here to assist with trauma, toothaches, broken fillings, and more. Whether you are in pain or your gums and teeth have been damaged, we encourage you to call us as soon as possible.


One of the most common dental treatments is to use a filling to fill in space after decay has been removed. Fillings use tooth-colored composite materials to create a natural smile. This treatment is important to protect your tooth structure and maintain the function of the tooth at the same time.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction might be required before orthodontic treatments or if a tooth has been damaged beyond repair. Our team takes it on a case-by-case basis to evaluate other treatments before determining if extraction is necessary for your oral health..